Columbus Day Celebration

Each year in October, the Federated Italo-Americans celebrate Columbus Day, which recognizes the achievements of the great Renaissance explorer Christopher Columbus, credited with the discovery of America and the cultural exchange between America and Europe.  One of America’s oldest holidays, Columbus Day is a patriotic holiday which also commemorates the arrival on these shores of more than 5 million Italians beginning in 1880.

An annual banquet is held in honor of the occasion and the Columbian Award is presented to a Man/Woman of the Year. The criteria for the nomination is based on the following guidelines: nominees must have been born in America and of Italian extraction. The first honoree is recognized for his/her achievements in the business world, which has given luster to Italy and to the Italo-American community. The second nominee must have served honorably, on behalf of the community and promoted goodwill, through his/her efforts.

A public wreath placing ceremony is also held for Columbus, either  at Casa Italiana, adjacent to St. Peter’s Italian Church, or at the Christopher Columbus Monument, located in the Los Angeles County Mall.