Republic Day Celebration

Each year in early June, the Federated Italo-Americans celebrate Republic Day, which honors the anniversary of when Italy became a republic on June 2, 1946. Out of World War II, in a nationwide referendum, Italians rejected monarchy and chose a republic form of government, which began the modernization of the country. It is a national holiday and it is celebrated much like our own Independence day. Italo-Americans not only celebrate the founding of the Italian Republic but also take the opportunity to honor the Italian born among us who have offered their lives to give luster to Italy and the Italo-American community. A hand picked committee carefully scrutinizes each nominee’s qualifications for The Republic Man/Woman of the Year award. The first¬†nominee must be Italian born and recognized for his/her achievements in the business world at large. The second nominee, through his or her efforts, must have served, contributed and promoted goodwill to the Italo-American community.

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